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APPSGlobal BloodLine

The APPSGlobal BloodLine is part of APPS Global network, which is an independent, educational and not for profit organization with no political motives. BloodLine is a project with purpose to serve humanity and arrange blood donors anywhere needed.

Blood donors needed?

Are Blood donors needed?

Contact us if you are in need for blood and we will try our best to send you donors wherever needed.
please contact only for the need of blood on these numbers provided, any other request may be ignored or reported, if misused.

Alternatively, you can send msg through website via contact form at the bottom of home page.

For Bahrain:

Please contact following numbers:

3447 1384            3306 7682
3625 5166            3376 2535
6662 7775            3505 6216
& Pakistan Embassy Bahrain Contact No. 39826823

For Saudi Arabia:

Coming Soon

For Kuwait:

Coming soon

For UAE:

Coming soon

For Qatar:

Coming soon

For Oman:

Coming soon

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