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The APPSGlobal BloodLine is part of APPS Global network, which is an independent, educational and not for profit organization with no political motives. BloodLine is a project with purpose to serve humanity and arrange blood donors anywhere needed.

Eligibility for Blood Donation

 Requirements for Blood Donation:


These are some of the prerequisites for donors must fulfill dependent on the type of donation they make in order to guarantee the security of both patients and donors.

Donation of whole blood

• You must be in good health and feeling well** 

• You must be at least 16 years old in most states 

• Donation frequency: every 56 days

• You need to be at least 110 pounds

Red Power Contribution

• You must be in good health and feeling well** 

• Men donors+ must be at least 17 years old in most states, at the very least

• Donation frequency: Every 112 days, up to 3 times/year* 

2 times/year for male donors under the age of 18

5'1" in height and at least 130 pounds

• Female donors must weigh at least and be at least 19 years old

Donation of platelets

• Every seven days, up to 24 times each year, donations are made*

• You must be in good physical and mental health.

• Most states require that you be at least 17 years old.

• You need to be at least 110 pounds.

Blood Donation by AB

• Up to 13 times a year, every 28 days, may be donated.

Type AB blood is a requirement, along with good health and a positive attitude.

• You must weigh at least 110 lbs. and be at least 17 years old.

* Red cell and plasma loss limit guidelines will reduce the number of permitted donations per year if more than one type of donation is made. Final eligibility will be confirmed by the American Red Cross at the time of contribution. 

* * Being healthy is being able to function normally and feeling good. Healthy also indicates that you are receiving treatment and that your chronic illness, such as diabetes, is under control.

Please get in touch with us to reschedule if you won't be able to make your donation because of illness.

(Source: The Red Cross, AABB)

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